Droitwich Archery Society

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From this page you can access some useful stuff - mainly from the links on the right.

  • An online system for submitting your scores to the Records Officer. They can then update your classification & handicap. The Records Officer is also the person who outside agencies will contact to provide lists of archers who meet the criteria for competitions. For instance, the County Team Manager will ask the Records Office for a list of club members who meet the selection criteria for the County Trials. If you don’t keep your records up-to-date then you won’t get a look in!
  • Club kit is registered with ArcheryGB, so you can wear it with pride at any tournament!
  • There is a lot of useful stuff in the Downloads section.
  • On the Admin page you will see the duty rota for the near future.

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Members’ interests  are looked after by the Members’ Representatives.

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